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Welcome to Peru
Clinton County, New York 

Town Hall Meeting Schedule:
(all meetings are located in the upstairs of the Town Hall unless otherwise noted)

- Town Board Regular Meeting scheduled for Mon. September 12th, at 7:00PM.

- Town Board Regular Meeting scheduled for Mon. September 26th, at 7:00PM.

Income Survey for residents on Public Sewer System:

The Town of Peru is working to upgrade our sewer system infrastructure.  The purpose of the proposed project is to make improvements to keep the District in compliance with Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) standards and to continue to provide you with the best services possible.
In order for our Town to make these improvements AND maintain affordable rates, we are seeking any available funding for the project. To determine if our project qualifies for Federal and State grants and loans, we are conducting a Household Characteristics Survey. Your survey will arrive by mail in the next few days. The Survey results will be used to determine and document eligibility for available funding and is necessary in the funding application process. Your cooperation is essential to the Town in applying for funding.

The Survey is being conducted by an Independent Consultant and all information collected will be STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. The survey forms will be reviewed by the consultant, who will analyze and summarize the data, and provide the results in the form of a Report. To insure confidentiality, the first page of the survey, which contains income information, will be separated from the second page, the signature page, prior to processing. The pages will then all be shuffled and kept in confidential storage by the Consultant. The information collected will only be used for the purpose of applying for funding.  
In order to help protect your sewer rate structure and assist us in obtaining funding.

For forms not returned, residents may be visited by a representative to collect the necessary information. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

If you have any questions in regard to this survey please call:
Ms. Liz Tedford, Consultant, at (518) 573-8835, or the Town Offices at (518) 643-2745

Input please!

The Town of Peru has been awarded funds from the Clinton County Health Dept. to build Fun/Exercise stations along the Little Ausable River Trail. 

The idea is to offer additional opportunities for exercise and improving balance in a way that’s fun for a wide range of users.  For those who wish a more intense workout, signs at each station will list additional exercise options.  There will be two stations in Heyworth/Mason Park and four within the easements along the trail.  The Town’s Mike Hanlon plans to build the stations in the fall, using local white cedar.

Please read through the station descriptions and look at the draft designs.  If you have any comments or suggestions to make the stations better please contact  Adele Douglas (643-7863 or or Tracy Posada ( or 335-5229).

- Stump Jump, a series of stumps of various diameters and heights (from 6” to 20”) to invite kids of all ages to hop from one to the other.  More advanced athletes to jump up from the ground with both feet.

- Cargo Climb, a 6’wide, 20’ long wide cargo net hung over an 7’ high cross beam, one side with a slight angle the other straight down. For ages 5+.

- Push ‘n Pull, a series of three bars, one low enough for push-ups, two for pull-ups: one for those in wheel chairs and children and one for adults.  Sign also will show possible stretches.

- Tire Trot, 10 large tires lying flat in rows of two so people can do a typical football run from tire to tire.  Sign to describe other hopping options too.

- Balance Logs, 3 - 12’ logs in a crooked line, top shaved for better grip, making about a 4” wide flat surface. The first log will be on grade, the second on the first one (so about 8” above grade) and the 3rd log will be back at grade. More intense exercises include two leg hopping from one side of the log to the other, hands on raised log or hands off.

- Log Leap, a series of 4 raised horizontal logs about 3’ high to get over however possible, and for young kids, under (spaced too far to jump from log to log). Sign will list other exercises and stretching options.

Zoning Board of Appeals & Planning Board members being sought
If you are interested in serving on either board please contact Robert Guynup at
(518) 643-2745 Ext. 3 or by email at  

Main Street Plan:
We're  very interested in hearing what you think as we continue to develop it.
Contact us at:
Click the link to see a summery of what we're proposing:
See the Presentation in PDF format here

The Little Ausable River Trail
The Town of Peru has built a chip seal paved trail to offer residents and visitors an opportunity to enjoy a variety of healthy outdoor activities within a beautiful and varied natural environment. The trail will also protect and interpret the important historic sites of Heyworth/Mason Park and a section of the D&H rail line, both instrumental to the Town’s development.

The trailhead is in Heyworth/Mason Park just off Mason Hill Rd in the hamlet of Peru.
With parking, benches, picnic tables, historic interpretive signage and a beautiful 1836 stone mill, it’s a great place to start your adventure.  The trail covers 1.25 miles, from Heyworth/Mason Park to the entrance to Sullivan Park on Route 22.  You can then use the sidewalk to connect back to the trailhead, for a 2.25 mile loop.
(see map)

It’s an interesting trip with massive cottonwoods, a planted pine forest, open fields
and the river. It seems to be an excellent birding site as well.  We now have several benches installed. Enjoy!


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