Comprehensive Plan
Communities that plan — grow by choice, not by chance.

 A plan makes growth thoughtful, understandable, and predictable.

A plan shows that a community is managing its future, and knows where it is going. A plan attracts investment and wins support for community projects.

 In New York State, the comprehensive plan is the policy foundation upon which communities are built. It is a long-term “roadmap” for growth–-a guide for decisions and actions by local government officials in shaping the future of their municipality.  A comprehensive plan identifies needs and recommends goals, objectives, and strategies to improve the community for the health, safety, and general welfare of its residents.

 The Town of Peru is authorized to develop and adopt a comprehensive plan by New York State Town Law Section 272-a. Although the comprehensive plan, itself, is not local law, the plan will be implemented through local laws and through local government initiatives. State statutes also require that all land-use laws in a municipality be consistent with its comprehensive plan.

Advantages of a comprehensive plan:

  • Promotes consensus and broad support for common goals.

  • Provides the basis for logically consistent regulatory programs.

  • All government agencies involved in planning capital projects within the town must first take the comprehensive plan into consideration.

  • Protects community resources, and advances desired growth and development.

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Open Space Plan

      The Open Space Plan sets forth a more detailed plan of action to identify and protect the Town’s natural resources and other special environmental features. The Town of Peru Comprehensive Plan (adopted in 2006) establishes the full set of vision, goals, and tools Peru should implement to meet community goals. This plan builds on and extends the analysis of the Comprehensive Plan. The purpose of this Plan is to identify, evaluate, and prioritize resources, establish preservation goals, and guide the implementation of an open space program. The Plan identifies parcels with significant resource value and open space potential, and offers a ‘preservation toolbox’ for the town to follow over the next five to ten years. Implementation of the Open Space Plan will achieve previously recommended preservation goals set forth in the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.

Open Space Plan Draft

                           Comprehensive Planning Committee:
Rodney Brown (Chair), Adele Douglas (Secretary), Jane Brelia, James Falvo, 
Nan Stolzenburg (Consultant)