Heyworth Mason Interpretive Signs                                                    

Heyworth/Mason Park has a long and interesting history that is now documented and displayed for the public. Volunteers have developed eight interpretive signs that have been installed in the park. 
These signs are intended to be of interest to students, especially fourth graders who will be touring the site as part of their study of New York history. The images on the signs have the biggest impact and the word count is limited to 300. The signs are 3 feet wide by 2 feet high.

1. Welcome to Heyworth/Mason Park
2. Native Americans
3. First Mill Site: gristmill and sawmill
4. Other Early Industries: woolen mill, tannery, cider mill and potato starch factory. 
5. A. Mason and Sons Lumber Mill 
6. Heyworth Village Apartments onwards
7. The Ausable Branch of the Delaware & Hudson Railroad
8. River Ecology

Sign design is by Maja Smith, funded through the Lake Champlain Basin Program’s Wayside Exhibit Program.

Special Thanks to:
Steve Woodruff for proofreading.
Joanne Kennedy for the photography.
Donald McBrayer for Heyworth Village Apartment research.
Thomas Pray for providing Native American points for photos.