Fred Froehlich
25 Grove Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801
Phone: (518) 538-8654
NYS Lic. #16000048624
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Our Services:
Full Home Inspections 
                   (often done with 2 inspectors)
       Buyers Home Inspections
       Sellers Home Inspections
       New Construction Home Evaluations
       Pre-listing Inspections
       Safety Evaluations
       Radon Testing
       Mold Testing
       Pest Infestation Inspections
       Water Flow & Pressure Testing


About Us . . .

Although I have years of experience working in the Corporate world, my primary areas of interest have always been Competitive Sports and Architecture and Building.

All my life, I was determined to achieve my goals, and by working hard I achieved most of them. I was able to compete internationally in several forms of Martial Arts and have been teaching for 40 yrs. I was an Alternate on the 1964 U.S. Olympic Diving Team and, with my team-mates, a member for the 1976 United States Olympic Bobsled Team and three World Bobsled Teams.

I have applied that same determination, and attention to detail, to learning the building trade. From starting and operating a successful flooring installation business to replacing roofs, installing windows, doors and siding, to framing, plumbing, wiring and building new foundations, I have spent the last 35 years loving my work.

Now, as a N.Y. State Licensed Home Inspector, I can continue to be involved in the Building Industry, but in a much different capacity! I use my knowledge, attention to detail and integrity to perform a thorough and honest inspection. Each and every one of my customers gets the same inspection that I would want for myself, if it was my property being scrutinized.

I take pride in my work and in my reputation; and I look forward to helping you with your Home Inspections, now and in the future. 

 Certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors - Click here to verify.